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Ok, that girl is crazy. She went back to saying she likes medavf135912/28 7:19PM
I have done nothing but play Destiny all damn day.Dynalo512/28 7:18PM
Not allowed to upgrade from X360 to PS4
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wesjones872412/28 7:18PM
"If I Can't Pay My Phone Bill How Will I Check On You"aDirtyShisno612/28 7:18PM
Still loving Dragon Age: Inquisition...Arctic_Sunrise912/28 7:17PM
rate my last movie/video game purchases for the yearNightMareBunny112/28 7:15PM
Sports Discussion Topic #107: Hooray for Sports... They Rule!!!
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STLCards19918912/28 7:13PM
Fox News Woman says Foreign Planes crash cause they use the Metric System! (Poll)Full Throttle112/28 7:13PM
If I were to play Final Fantasy XIV, would PotD play with me?
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papercup2212/28 7:12PM
Would you rather go without your car or your mobile? (Poll)
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Lokarin1412/28 7:12PM
I've finished quite a few shows lately.supergamer19712/28 7:12PM
Starting Morrowind for the first time
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FluorescentVoid2812/28 7:10PM
I was stopped by a cop in a different state for speeding
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Erik_P2912/28 7:07PM
Why exactly is 2D animation dying in theaters?
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Metro21412/28 7:03PM
PotD Christmas Steam Gifting Event 2014 -Classic edition with lists in the topic
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newsuperdude13112/28 7:03PM
The pilot episode of Seinfeld is not that good
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Kanakiri3112/28 7:02PM
going to b&n, please recommend me some mangaThePollGuy54112/28 7:01PM
I just had to throw away an entire pot of soupBNVshark123912/28 7:01PM
Another White Guy outed as Lizard Squad Member who took down PSN/XBOX Live!!! (Poll)Full Throttle812/28 7:01PM
anyone else feel normal on video games is too easy?
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TwyliteSprinkle1212/28 7:00PM