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Wolfenstein: The New Order worth getting for $25?easyeman411/28 8:29AM
My cousin touched me inappropriately under the Thanksgiving table yesterdayI_hate_bacon711/28 8:28AM
how can anyone say Japan Is Irrelevant in the video game industry?NightMareBunny911/28 8:27AM
why is it always the uk that gets screwed by nintendo?Kimbos_Egg811/28 8:26AM
Power Rangers Dino Charge: Finally a new theme song after the past few seasons?!Milleyd511/28 8:22AM
Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is officially outMetro2911/28 8:21AM
Poll Idea: Do you use different themes or add-ons for GameFAQs?Spectrum57311/28 8:19AM
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I just worked 10PM to 10AM black friday at wal-mart.argonautweekynd311/28 8:17AM
Finished reading A Farewell To Arms last night
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BBalla101211/28 8:16AM
Why has Black Friday become a big thing in the UK all of a sudden?
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Jvaas1211/28 8:16AM
Who here believes that skinny is automatically healthier than overweight?
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VioletZer02811/28 8:16AM
some peoples gamefaqs names turn me onLootman1011/28 8:12AM
The streets are pure ice. Driving feels like Vanilla Lake
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Doctor Foxx3811/28 8:09AM
Vault 11 in Fallout New Vegas just made me fall in love with the game
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metalconkerrr4911/28 8:07AM
how come, when i buy a turkey, it comes with a separate bag with the turkey's d?ZiggiStardust311/28 8:03AM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2, Episode 1. All that Remains.
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Kimbos_Egg26411/28 7:57AM
Capcom teases Exclusive PS4 game next month the West will "turn heads" (Poll)
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Full Throttle2211/28 7:52AM
Super Smash Bros. General Topic
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MechaKirby20211/28 7:51AM