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My girlfriend did the ice bucket challenge and it went viral
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Comment your opinion on Nicki Minaj's video/song 'Anaconda'
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hypothetical if I got Taylor Swift pregnant
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SHADOW0106218/21 4:05PM
REAL Poll of the Day - Your Worst/Dumbest PasswordKOReldor98/21 4:03PM
Goddamn it, Nintendo is screwing me over bad!
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lihlih228/21 4:01PM
My mind was blown after reading this!Erik_P68/21 3:58PM
wtf happened to Chaos?
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BNVshark123528/21 3:54PM
Would you want to be this guy?Flutershy78/21 3:48PM
Are JRPG's, especially TBJRPG's, dying out? (Poll)
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Unbridled9708/21 3:43PM
Woody vs Buzz (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link18/21 3:39PM
everytime I use Pandora at work, I just make a new fake account.
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Viking_Mudcrap138/21 3:37PM
I lost my nutsMetal_Gear_Link28/21 3:32PM
Shenti and adjl: An erotic fanfic
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SchmensWife568/21 3:30PM
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Motorcycle rider crashes into the back of a car and safely flips onto the roofSolid Sonic98/21 3:26PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 134- The PTA Disbands (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets88/21 3:22PM
I've played a lot of Rare games, but never Perfect Dark, should I still play it?Link_AJ108/21 3:21PM