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I've got two copies of Risk of Rain if anyone wants themshadowsword87510/28 1:44PM
I have a Gamefaqs Avatar now. Do you like it?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle2810/28 1:39PM
PotD, PotD, PotD, Spin Tires is -40% on steamshadowsword87210/28 1:38PM
I made out with this girl on my couch for a few hours.
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Sfandi4610/28 1:38PM
i type faster not using that "proper" home row style
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helIy4010/28 1:36PM
I just started a Final Fantasy I file. (Closed)
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EclairReturns1910/28 1:34PM
Damn, I start a lot of topics with "Damn, "AwesomeTurtwig910/28 1:33PM
Should I find a girlfriend? (Poll)knightoffire55310/28 1:28PM
amazon's fire tv stick only $20 for prime users (until wednesday only)
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ZiggiStardust2410/28 1:20PM
Damn, missed an oppetunity to get free pizza
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AwesomeTurtwig1410/28 12:39PM
Rave Cats.SunWuKung420410/28 12:36PM
what tastes better, mouthwash or toothpaste? (Poll)PollGuy54810/28 12:19PM
i tried one of those "flavored" creamers to see what it tasted like...
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ZiggiStardust1210/28 12:17PM
are hotdogs sandwiches? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust1110/28 12:11PM
Galaxy Note 4 is a nice phoneOgurisama610/28 12:09PM
Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are rightMetro2710/28 12:06PM
Do you have less private messages in your inbox than the above poster?
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EclairReturns2310/28 12:05PM
Shocking Pictures of child star Haley Joel Osment has upset his female fans... (Poll)
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Full Throttle1910/28 11:59AM
holy **** this tattoo is beautiful(its actually sonic themed, LOL)argonautweekynd410/28 11:48AM
I have a confession: I'm fat.
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ASlaveObeys3110/28 11:44AM