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What is your Browser? (Poll)
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Obama barges in your house, grabs you by the waist, looks into your eyes
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The DoA FGC trying to censor sexuality = MK FGC censoring graphic violence. (Poll)DarkKirby250093/29 10:33AM
Hard games? (Poll)QuesoBlanco93/29 10:20AM
hey canada people if you have a target nearby you can probably get a 2DS for $65
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Do you like blonde women?Mr_Snorlax198613/29 10:13AM
and here's who won this years Awful Nick Kids Choice Awards lol
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Energy drinks are disgusting
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Should girls be allowed to wrestle boys? (Poll)
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I got kicked out of school
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I have $20 to spend on PSP or Vita stuff.Ferarri61913/29 8:02AM
He-Man and She-Ra were actually brother and sister, so it would be super gross.
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I'm horrified that Ted Cruz is running for President.
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