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What highly successful games have you STILL not tried??? (as in, not even ONCE)
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shipwreckers614/16 6:39AM
Do the ASOIAF books get better?Dazed268464/16 6:30AM
White Russian...RayKnight94/16 6:17AM
Around 90% of online 3DS SSB4 matches I've played were played on the toiletfaramir7734/16 5:56AM
If Canada is America's hat, is Alaska a second, smaller hat?
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GanonsSpirit114/16 4:05AM
Follow the instructions in this topic (Poll)
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TheWorstPoster134/16 4:01AM
Beautiful.AllstarSniper3244/16 3:57AM
It has snowed four inches in the past two hours....papercup84/16 2:26AM
Do you think the mainstream map promotes bigotry?
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BNVshark123204/16 2:18AM
I don't even poop that long to play a game.ReggieBush0974/16 1:55AM
some guy dropped off a really sad resume todayacesxhigh34/16 1:43AM
People who bought a PS3 for Last Guardian make me furious. (Poll)knightoffire5514/16 12:22AM
Hunger Strikes are dumb.
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GanonsSpirit124/15 11:59PM
what do i watch? (Poll)wackyteen74/15 11:47PM
Yes, I have a full console or computer set up in my bathroom.NeoGeoXSega24/15 11:29PM
I feel better than I have in a long timeMuscles34/15 11:04PM
It's sad that I can never change my sig again.Judgmenl44/15 10:59PM
Did you know that today is my Birthday?.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle254/15 10:51PM
This 17 y/o Utah Girl will BURN if she touches Water!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle124/15 10:49PM
How come GameFAQs isn't the biggest?
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Lokarin164/15 10:40PM