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Are you fat? (Poll)
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I played Animal Crossing Wild World today for the first time in yearsfaramir7718/29 12:51AM
Anyone here played Sakura Spirit?
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Of the 6 ice cream flavors in my freezer right now, which is your favorite? (Poll)
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What is the name of the secret board that is dedicate to Let's Plays?UnbiasTobias88/29 12:11AM
why is everyone on this board so bitter
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Are Americans (USA) ignorant? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei138/28 11:58PM
Ughhhhh I left my phone at work.
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fire emblem awakening is still way too expensive.
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Favourite "Pikachu" Pokemon (Poll)
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PotD PC elitist discussion
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Question to anybody who has played both Rocksmith games
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I'm gonna watch anime and listen to J-pop/K-pop until like, 7AM.Ferarri61948/28 10:29PM
Which of these (mobile) internet plans you'd rather have?davf135108/28 10:19PM
this games descriptionhelIy38/28 10:12PM
Remember when Bulma was the female lead of Dragon Ball?BNVshark12398/28 10:02PM