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How open with others are you about problems going on in your life?
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Metro22510/16 11:45PM
I like people (Poll)darcandkharg31310/16 11:40PM
PAYDAY: The Heist is free for the dayDeltaBladeX910/16 11:37PM
is smash 3DS the only good game this month?(Aside From Bayo 2)
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NightMareBunny1710/16 11:34PM
I just ruined my bootloader trying to dual boot.
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helIy2210/16 11:14PM
Entourage has always looked awful and I've never seen an episode
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FrndNhbrHdCEman1310/16 10:47PM
Woman Passenger wears a Hazmat suit at DC Airport over fears of Ebola!! (Poll)Full Throttle610/16 10:36PM
cant blizzard make a crash bandicoot game if they wantedLootman610/16 10:32PM
This is how you do Halloween stuffDeltaBladeX510/16 10:15PM
Can you suggest some good free android games?Muscles_420310/16 10:06PM
why do we pronounce it co in si denseLootman710/16 10:06PM
Do you guys remember the meningitis injections?
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Arctic_Sunrise2210/16 9:58PM
Anyone know Mathematica?AwesomeTurtwig110/16 9:57PM
Geting drkn when I have clas at 8 am is proib not ta bnest idea!papercup110/16 9:41PM
Waaht the?! You can have incest in Sims 4? (Closed)Ryan-06710/16 9:33PM
Man, Peach's bust looks amazing on the Smash for Wii U cover art *pic inside*
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quigonzel4710/16 9:16PM
I wonder what's its like to not be American
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SHADOW01061510/16 9:15PM
at what age does one must abandon all hope in losing his virginity (Poll)
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mayu7801210/16 9:10PM
My sister will be dead by next year
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WhatPoll19510/16 9:03PM
Sage - Can be reached in 319 daysDmess85510/16 8:51PM