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Started playing Dark Souls. It's pretty fun.
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FellWolf268/25 7:03AM
Put these POTD users in order from best to worse.
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BlazeAndBlade358/25 6:44AM
Been working too hard lately. Can someone bring me up to speed about Zoe Quinn?
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VioletZer0558/25 6:17AM
Oh hey Team Four Star Released episode 43St_Kevin58/25 6:10AM
Google takes series of photos and automatically turns them into GIFs.Elestriel18/25 5:58AM
Do you have any serious role models?Shinra-Army78/25 5:54AM
wayback machine is so damn coolacesxhigh108/25 5:14AM
The least favorite Paper Mario Partner contest is over and Vivian reigns supremeRedmage198788/25 4:45AM
Spiderman the Animated Series has one of the best intros ever.Metro278/25 2:21AM
Love metal? Wanna hear some good s***? We'll come on doooooown!
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Malleum528/25 1:25AM
How would you guys rate "The Keg"... I think it's a steakhouseLokarin78/25 12:31AM
you are in a fist fight with the last video game character you played as.
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BlazeAndBlade448/24 11:56PM
Austin Era is now working with the NSA.Ferarri61948/24 11:45PM
Big earthquake SF bay area
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Amuseum198/24 11:41PM
Rate me. (pics)
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UnbiasTobias118/24 11:33PM
Nice typo, GameFAQSnro8788/24 11:02PM
I have a couple free Steam games to give away as well.
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DarkWind313168/24 11:02PM
Bunch of phishing bots started trying to phish me on steam todayJudgmenl78/24 10:54PM
I regret not registering for LUE when I had the chance.Metro258/24 10:26PM
Netflix on Wii U is...ObligatoryFate68/24 10:19PM