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Coolest short guy (Poll)
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kratospwnsnoobz1512/21 9:12PM
Did Beyonce have one of the best videos of all time? (Poll)knightoffire55612/21 9:08PM
okay, so, LOTR: Fellowship and the Linkin Park album The Hunting Party
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helIy1212/21 8:58PM
alright so tunngle seems like it works, so anyone wann play terraria with it?
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AllstarSniper324212/21 8:48PM
also, i have $10.61 in google play store money andhelIy412/21 8:39PM
Peanut Butter > Sugar = Chocolate chip > Snickerdoodles >PowerOats812/21 8:37PM
so i just went out and bought that new borderlands gamehelIy412/21 8:36PM
Guy eating lunch in restroomSylvia_Dia612/21 8:30PM
The doctor took Zoop away (Poll)knightoffire55112/21 8:21PM
videoWhyudra112/21 7:50PM
Do you think Santa will get me Zoop for Christmas? (Poll)knightoffire55712/21 7:45PM
Question for p.c master racetompound90712/21 7:42PM
Does this short clip do anything for you?WastelandCowboy212/21 7:42PM
That KO topic reminds me of this one time I was suckerpunched in the face...argonautweekynd112/21 7:39PM
Rate this song (Poll)knightoffire55112/21 7:37PM
My new Turtle Beach Headphones are giving me a headache.Judgmenl312/21 7:35PM
i wish I was delusionally insane
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Zikten9612/21 7:26PM
I have risen from the dead!
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Zikten3312/21 7:24PM
Holy s***. I played GTAV (PS4) for 10 hours this weekend.
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DirtBasedSoap1112/21 7:13PM
All silverware in the future are sporksWhatPoll212/21 7:05PM