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I need some help from a car guy
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slacker031501412/28 11:03AM
I slept from like 7pm to 2am and now I can't sleep
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Kanakiri1312/28 10:34AM
I had a dream where Pope Francis died.Storrac312/28 9:59AM
Guess what.
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-Kitt-1112/28 9:52AM
What always bothered me about the Futurama episode where Fry becomes rich is...
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refureeman3712/28 9:43AM
Do you think Dark Souls is harder than Kaizo Mario World? (Poll)
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knightoffire554612/28 9:33AM
AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore goes missing
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Metro21612/28 8:36AM
Watching some of my favorite Naturo episodes.ShinRaKnight512/28 8:34AM
Yummiest food you ate on Christmas Day?
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BigOlePappy2612/28 8:26AM
I don't usually get loud and hit things when I'm upsetgrape_purple812/28 8:14AM
beyonce doing the illuminati sign with snoop doggmiczz812/28 8:10AM
iPhone 6 explodes in man's pants, causes 2nd degree burnsMetro2812/28 8:02AM
Paranormal Activity is the most profitable movie of all time...
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Metro21112/28 7:59AM
What physically happens when I move money from one bank to another?FatalAccident1012/28 7:41AM
Do you miss WIll Smith as a rapper?The_Sexorcist712/28 7:30AM
I just got the Rocky Badge, and the Punchy Badge!papercup112/28 7:06AM
Why aren't there any space vampires?Lokarin812/28 6:17AM
Come on, let me click my username for my AMP on my cellDeltaBladeX112/28 6:03AM
Do you update your opinion of old games as time passes?
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teh Fro Man2112/28 6:02AM
This topic title has exactly 80 characters in it. Please praise me for it, PotD.Rlaur2312/28 3:43AM