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This 37 y/o man shot his mother's b/f for bringing his Mixed-Race Kids!! (Poll)Full Throttle98/19 5:10PM
OK people, I get it! You liked Guardians of the Galaxy!Metro258/19 5:00PM
I'm still sad about what happened at Doma CastleDmess8568/19 4:54PM
Check out my game, Sneaky Ninja! ("Now on Steam Greenlight!" Edition)
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SullyTheStrange748/19 4:49PM
This 19 y/o Kid survived TWO plane crashes that killed his whole family in both!Full Throttle48/19 4:46PM
I remember taking a letter recognition test in kindergartenNeoSioType98/19 4:39PM
So the Konami-approved fanmade Metal Gear remake got shut down by Konami.Gamechamp3k68/19 4:36PM
I always love FF7 whenever I replay it.
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Milleyd228/19 4:32PM
So Paul was visited by Jesus on the way to Damascus... (Poll)
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Q_Sensei148/19 4:29PM
I just tried Depression Quest, and it's basically a fixed CYOA.T-dus48/19 4:27PM
I have finally found the worst TV show of all timeJudgmenl88/19 4:20PM
I've seen the video of ISIS executing U.S. photojournalist James Foley
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WhatPoll188/19 4:19PM
Bloodborne GAMEPLAYacesxhigh18/19 4:07PM
What is it that makes *you* stand out here, on PotD?
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Raganork10878/19 4:04PM
Should I play Wild Arms:Alter Code F or the original?
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Sand_Flare138/19 3:48PM
Please recommend me indie computer games with low requirements/keyboard controls
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Milleyd198/19 3:41PM
havent seen violet zero in a whileSchmensWife58/19 3:26PM
Why aren't my front usb working?That_70s_show78/19 3:22PM
I have nothing to do tonight.Judgmenl78/19 3:21PM
Well toonami is getting Gurren Lagann.
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EvilMegas488/19 3:20PM