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Life is so monotonous lol.
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IAmNowGone173/26 9:04PM
Baby born with a Mysterious Birth Mark on his Head...Is it a Bad or Good Sign!!. (Poll)Full Throttle63/26 8:56PM
This 22 y/o Special Ed Teacher sent nudes to a 14 y/o after 2 Months on the Job. (Poll)
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Full Throttle123/26 8:54PM
My SSB soundtrack CD came today.adjl23/26 8:42PM
I have a lump on my testicle.
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Yopster133/26 8:39PM
Should I get Bioshock Infinite?
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AwesomeTurtwig463/26 8:25PM
I now own a PSP for the first time in like 5 years. Remind me what games aregood
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newsuperdude343/26 8:23PM
Would you slap the above poster?
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Komaiko54183/26 8:18PM
I need to play Hamtaro Rainbow Rescue.Storrac13/26 8:13PM
I need to occupy my mind.Judgmenl43/26 8:01PM
Tails, have you found the President?
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Lokarin613/26 7:58PM
Smash Wii U is so bittersweetMechaKirby63/26 7:57PM
Should showering be illegal if it means it'll fix the drought in California? (Poll)
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thedeerzord133/26 7:54PM
This 23 y/o Grad Shot himself in the Head after eating Marijuana Candy!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle73/26 7:47PM
that's weird. the show I was watching on Hulu became. a different show.helIy23/26 7:34PM
Do you have pictures of me?
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Lokarin233/26 7:25PM
I wonder what background characters talk aboutOgurisama23/26 7:17PM
BrothelVicaris43/26 7:16PM
Could someone make me a banner for my twitch account?BBalla1013/26 7:11PM
Favorite body type (warning the pic is to hot for you to handle)
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BlazeAndBlade493/26 7:08PM