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Geek Eternal
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Entity131898/30 9:40PM
why does Nintendo REFUSE to put a Second Analog stick on the 3DS?BeerOnTap58/30 9:39PM
Oh my god... I feel so sorry for him... (TL;DR prone)
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Ao_Ryuu54168/30 9:38PM
What's your view on Climate Change/Global Warming?
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davf135178/30 9:38PM
I have a prize to give...DO YOU WANT IT?SwordMaster13X78/30 9:38PM
pizza or french fries (Poll)Nade Duck78/30 9:36PM
Just spent $560 on clothes.SIvIart_USMC88/30 9:34PM
POLL: Which super power would you rather have? (Poll)
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UraRenge2005248/30 9:31PM
Why are people hating on The Last of Us?
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scubasteve42628/30 9:30PM
ITT: Banana Bread (Poll)Zareth108/30 9:30PM
Rate this Villain Day 204 Wicked Witch of the West (Poll)scubasteve4258/30 9:29PM
What game should I set in my new DS Lite? (Poll)DeltaBladeX68/30 9:29PM
I really don't like Rockstar's Euphoria physics engine.raymanfan118/30 9:26PM
If you had to be an animal farmed for meat, what would you rather be? (Poll)eating4fun48/30 9:25PM
Which is worse? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei198/30 9:22PM
Gubby just showed his wang on tinychatquigonzel38/30 9:22PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 206 Ichigo Kurosaki (Poll)scubasteve4248/30 9:21PM
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Poll)CornishGhost58/30 9:21PM
it's a crap potato picture, but i want to show off the best i've done in Ghosts
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helIy188/30 9:21PM
How's that Donganronpa Vita game?Raganork1078/30 9:21PM