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First tattoo complete.
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urmomishawt04223/5 2:45AM
Have any of you been put to sleep before?
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Anthonyana523/5 2:36AM
Ever feel like girl's bodies would be sexier if there wasn't so much fat?
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Johnny_Girlziel123/5 2:36AM
Well I am getting drunk tonightJoanOfArcade83/5 2:35AM
Spelunky is one of the most soul crushing games I've played.Xade76103/5 2:32AM
shes cute
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mayu780213/5 2:19AM
LoK never did follow up on Zuko's mom.GanonsSpirit43/5 2:18AM
My wife and her cousins always want to get those strange boba drinks..Melon_Master43/5 2:14AM
Are any of these games worth getting?AllstarSniper3223/5 2:04AM
A The Cars 5-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)AllstarSniper3293/5 1:38AM
So it's common knowledge many women own a 'toy'. what about males? (Poll)
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Ryan-06533/5 1:33AM
I finally get my braces off next month.ZoZolad53/5 1:31AM
Waifu Battle 2015 Match 5: Morrigan Aensland vs Torri (Poll)GanonsSpirit23/5 1:25AM
Way to many gun incidents on the news again...Nichtcrawler X83/5 12:54AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 369 Crash Bandicoot (Poll)scubasteve4263/5 12:26AM
Rate this Villain Day 367 Ripto ( Spyro the Dragon) (Poll)scubasteve4283/5 12:26AM
Terraria on for $1.99 (For anyone who's interested)DrCidd103/5 12:18AM
what are some good anime's that are dubed right now?
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SHADOW0106413/4 11:56PM
Rise of Nations has proven 18 modern soldiers can take on 100 samurai.Chef_Excellence43/4 11:48PM
PotD Gun Topic Part 3
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Tameric323/4 11:48PM