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The Lego Movie is far better than it has any right to beErik_P18/23 1:04PM
Favorite Halo! (Poll)ObligatoryFate68/23 1:04PM
Why can't I just play as Snake in Metal Gear Solid 2 >:l?
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Storrac208/23 1:04PM
This is the worst console generation yetWhatPoll108/23 1:03PM
Some PotDer should try to beat this world recordAwesomeTurtwig38/23 1:02PM
Someone cut our water hoseNeoSioType18/23 1:02PM
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I now have 1 person following me on Twitter.ArctheLad1328/23 12:59PM
Think about your least-favorite PotDerbachewychomp68/23 12:58PM
The final fantasy remake games for the PSP are pretty goodDmess8558/23 12:57PM
What's the point of Dishwashers if you need to clean the dishes off before using
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PolishCockatiel148/23 12:56PM
Christina Aguilera will pose nudeYuffie36048/23 12:53PM
so what game should i play tonight? (Poll)NightMareBunny38/23 12:52PM
Geek Eternal
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Entity131518/23 12:49PM
I keep trying to get into UFC like some of my friends
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Sardanapallus148/23 12:49PM
The Gaang vs Team Korra (Poll)GanonsSpirit88/23 12:43PM
My ex is an attention w*****
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PieforcePiedom138/23 12:42PM
The french were among the best warriors for a thousand years
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EggsBenedikt178/23 12:39PM
Poll should have a "It depends on how much I'm enjoying the game" optionbachewychomp18/23 12:35PM
If someone bum-rushes you, is that enough reason to Kill them? (Poll)
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Full Throttle318/23 12:35PM