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I hate to say it but... You guys were right...
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I have a pick up line with 90% success rate
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Manliest Final Fantasy Character (Poll)
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Games where it rains?
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Here's a couple pictures of bugs I took recently. Please tell me what you think.SIvIart_USMC68/23 5:12AM
Has feminism actually ever harmed anyone?
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Chef_Excellence1178/23 5:06AM
Man, the season 3 finale of The Legend of Korra was so great
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there is a guy passed out on my bedRoboDudeBro98/23 4:43AM
Give me a random Booru tag to look upJoanOfArcade58/23 4:39AM
There's too much negativity in this country (US). No wonder society sucks.AC_Dragonfire88/23 4:19AM