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As time passes I find myself understanding exclusive relationships less and lessMilleyd58/30 4:28PM
Are you kidding me Nintendo?
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Judgmenl258/30 4:28PM
Super Mario 3D World and Walmart Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundles by mid-September.
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Melon_Master168/30 4:26PM
Halo 4 TU and achievement hunt tomorrow night!ObligatoryFate68/30 4:24PM
Rate this cartoon ----> Courage the Cowardly Dog (Poll)
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SIayer-148/30 4:23PM
Day drinking alone and eating pizza.Jen012548/30 4:21PM
If you are not black and you get shot by police, you dont get media coverage
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NovicePro228/30 4:18PM
E.T. is an action filmYuffie36028/30 4:18PM
It's weird how one night out can feel totally different from another.
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Arctic_Sunrise118/30 4:16PM
videogames that everyone in potd likes
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miczz628/30 4:15PM
Rate my buildBangoSkank18/30 4:13PM
How'd you like Kick Ass 2? SPOILERSCaptain-Trips48/30 4:09PM
Favorite Past DLC Part 32 The Strokes (Poll)AllstarSniper3258/30 4:08PM
Teen Titans Go is officially awesome.... latest episode featured...
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quigonzel228/30 4:04PM
C/D pink hair is hot. (Poll)Flutershy108/30 4:03PM
You see a mango daquiri bag in the freezerRaganork1018/30 4:00PM
It shouldn't have been that f***ing hard to get into a party
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BNVshark123218/30 3:58PM
How do you like steak? (Poll)Ogurisama88/30 3:58PM
Watching a music video and...Solid Sonic68/30 3:57PM
PotD is slow today.Flutershy68/30 3:57PM