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So we invaded Iraq because they had WMDs.Zareth23/1 7:44PM
My cousin used to call it cheating when I look at his screen during Double Dash.EclairReturns93/1 7:44PM
If anyone cares, our local 'troll police' as he calls himself is in purgatory.EclairReturns43/1 7:42PM
Anyone up for tinychatJoanOfArcade73/1 7:42PM
Pinocchio came out 75 years ago.Metro273/1 7:40PM
gamestop still didn't have Any Copies of MH4U.....NightMareBunny53/1 7:38PM
The best way to sleep imokratosdakota373/1 7:38PM
If you are a straight white cis male, you've never been discriminated for it.RebeccDOS103/1 7:37PM
Castle in the Darkness has an 8 Eyes referenceLokarin93/1 7:32PM
In a game of baseball who would win: saiyans vs jedi (Poll)
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Ogurisama253/1 7:25PM
America is all about speed.... Hot, nasty, badass speed!quigonzel83/1 7:24PM
I'm watching Death Note (spoilers)
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BNVshark123743/1 7:19PM
Most attractive out of all Walking Dead girls? (Poll)
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Halomaster03353/1 7:13PM
Better Call Saul!
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SpeeDLeemon173/1 7:12PM
Wisconsin high school unveils $662,000 locker room renovationsJudgmenl103/1 7:09PM
Everything I like is underrated.Chef_Excellence23/1 7:08PM
still remember when claire was hot?
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mayu780293/1 7:08PM
You discover a secret door in your basement (Paint Picture Adventure!)
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Mehere733/1 7:06PM
How old are you?McSame_as_Bush43/1 7:06PM
You find a genie that grants you only one wish, but only if...
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ObligatoryFate473/1 7:05PM