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The dress is violet and brownVicaris12/27 4:01AM
attn: loli lovers.
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what's your favorite 3ds rpgs?
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AladdinSane432/27 3:35AM
I wanna be in one of these types of rap videosESMWjot22/27 3:35AM
It's Friday :DSHADOW010672/27 3:02AM
tomorrow is nowhelIy52/27 2:53AM
Need some ideas for future Superhero/Hero/Antihero and Villains polls
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scubasteve42542/27 1:57AM
Wow! The Life is Strange steam card thingies are going for...AllstarSniper3212/27 1:28AM
2 words . . Uncle Grandpadeadpigs10182/27 1:10AM
It's so nice having friendsBNVshark12312/27 12:46AM
How do you normally write, 'OK'? (Poll)
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EclairReturns162/27 12:24AM
House of Cards Season 3 is now out on Netflix.raymanfan112/27 12:10AM
Llamapacaypse in Arizona
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TheWorstPoster212/27 12:01AM
Can anybody recommend a site for tracking TV shows?Gamechamp3k12/26 11:43PM
This is the Girl who started the Big Dress Debate..Is she Hot??.. (Poll)Full Throttle12/26 11:35PM
Started watching Naruto again since now available in my regionLokarin62/26 10:40PM
Is your inner dialogue first person, third person, or 'conversational' (Poll)ottothecat200362/26 10:29PM
Metacritic Puts Majora's Mask 3D Above Monster Hunter 4 UltimateNightMareBunny22/26 10:28PM
Rate the PotDer - Day Twenty-Seven - Dynalo (Poll)
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SpeeDLeemon342/26 10:15PM
"Short People" is so hilariously offensive.keyblader198512/26 10:11PM