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Jeannie from Teens React is so hot
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Poll-Guy54853/6 4:43PM
anyone up for some quick torchlight II?AllstarSniper3233/6 4:36PM
Being fat automatically makes you uglieryourDaddie43/6 4:32PM
Just started reading All-New X-Men...quigonzel73/6 4:26PM
I made myself a stew that has cabbage, lentils, and chopped prunes in it.brisashi43/6 4:17PM
Etrian Odyssey have some pretty epic musicpollguy5513/6 4:16PM
Thinking of installing Cyanogenmod on my Note 4.Metro213/6 4:15PM
I'm slowly starting to grow out of chicken.pollguy5593/6 4:11PM
I have a construction jokeSt_Kevin33/6 4:04PM
What's the best color for women's underwear? (Poll)
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OmegaM503/6 3:49PM
SJWs complain Overwatch has no diversity in designs, complains when it does.KroganBaIIEater53/6 3:49PM
So it's common knowledge many women own a 'toy'. what about males? (Poll)
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Ryan-06623/6 3:48PM
Who is your favorite Slytherin? (Poll)
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EclairReturns143/6 3:38PM
Does Europe have to acomodate conservative muslims or do they have to adapt? (Poll)
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yourDaddie173/6 3:34PM
I'm not really enjoying Final Fantasy Tactics' lack of world exploration.
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EclairReturns203/6 3:32PM
Police officer shot at GameStop
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OmegaM253/6 3:24PM
A The Cars 5-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32183/6 3:12PM
Is it weird/creepy to tell a girl that you have dreamed about her?
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LeetCheet203/6 3:07PM
Battle station topic! Post your setups.FellWolf43/6 3:06PM
how the hell do I open a .doc file without WordSilverBloodX353/6 3:06PM