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When reciting long numbers with zeroes in them, how do you pronounce the zero? (Poll)
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Bloomberg Business' website's 404 page is beautifulmadadude81/28 11:02AM
My yogurt says "dairy snack" instead of yogurt.
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brisashi111/28 10:55AM
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Do you leave the broth in your ramen or remove it? (Poll)
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Definitive best type of Zombie topic. (Poll)
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Hey SunWuKung420, how far are you into Zatch Bell?
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Best TV Show from these? (Poll)Slayer786161/28 10:18AM
Kim Kardashian all but confirmed Bruce Jenner is transgender.Storrac101/28 10:17AM
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This is the Miss Universe 2014 Winner!! Does she deserve it??? (Poll)Full Throttle101/28 10:14AM
Pick the game I try to finish next. (Poll)Blaqthourne101/28 10:14AM
Post and I will rank you, and I'm cooler/smarterSquall749171/28 10:11AM