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Anime/Manga/VN/Osu/JRPG/Related Things Discussion Topic XXXIX
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You may not like rap, but do you think rapping well is easy?
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I went swimming with my phone in my pocket...
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FIrefox or CHrome?Yuffie36068/23 7:39AM
I had a sadistic pleasure out of torturing my Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.Metro268/23 7:37AM
Tau > PiSt_Kevin58/23 7:35AM
Halo Reach > Halo 3Lootman38/23 7:34AM
Would you miss me if I closed my account? (Poll)WastelandCowboy38/23 7:33AM
These "Pranks gone wrong" videos are starting to annoy the s*** out of meFatalAccident38/23 7:30AM
A White Woman shows up at Ferguson to shame the Brown protesters..Big Mistake! (Poll)Full Throttle98/23 7:27AM
Ouch. This guy's ego got obliterated.
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what happened to the second world?BeerOnTap38/23 7:23AM
Look at what this Police Officer said about Protesters!! Should he be fired?? (Poll)Full Throttle108/23 7:02AM
$190.80 for all the DLC for DW8XL on SteamKrow_Incarnate18/23 6:54AM
I was just watching some old vlogs I made.Stupid Pirate Guy58/23 6:49AM
Is Doctor Who starting on Saturday or Sunday?N80578/23 6:45AM
Sports Discussion Topic #99.5: As temporary as America's interest in soccer.
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Your girlfriend just got a haircut. Her hair is shorter than yours.
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I hate to say it but... You guys were right...
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