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Seems like the hobbies, video games I'm into.. nobody locally is into. >_<AC_Dragonfire61/29 3:17PM
Did you enjoy your high school years?
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kratosdakota3411/29 3:09PM
Who is your favorite Zero? (Poll)
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DelectableTears211/29 2:55PM
Well that was good of her - customer service story -Ogurisama101/29 2:51PM
What Zelda game is this from?
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deadpigs101161/29 2:51PM
What causes me the most anguish in life is that no matter how hard I try...AwesomeTurtwig41/29 2:51PM
The Official SCHMENDRAKE Discussion TopicZiggiStardust61/29 2:40PM
25 Things Arctic Hates - Vol. 3 (Possibly Offensive)
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Arctic_Sunrise271/29 2:24PM
15 new 8-player Smash Bros. stages available for free now.CyborgSage00x061/29 2:17PM
So at work today we were talking about tongue piercingsErik_P11/29 2:16PM
I wish Thunder and Shenti still posted here regularly.
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TonyCIifton111/29 2:15PM
Icoyar wants it to be known that he lost the password to his account
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DeltaBladeX191/29 2:11PM
Rate this Villain Day 339 Hector Barbossa (Poll)scubasteve4231/29 2:08PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 341 Captain Jack Sparrow (Poll)scubasteve4221/29 2:05PM
Who is the manliest Smash Bros character? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link221/29 2:01PM
So today was the third day of my new job and so far it's pretty good but...
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TesstheGoblin111/29 1:56PM
WWE Fans, what's the general hate towards the recent Royal Rumble?
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Judgmenl481/29 1:52PM
so, is anyone playing dying light?
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ZiggiStardust121/29 1:47PM
Armed man tried to occupy the Dutch news...Nichtcrawler X31/29 1:46PM
About the Microsoft HoloLens, are there such thing as "stupid ideas"?
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InfestedAdam141/29 1:39PM