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Did you ever tell your parents you hated them?
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Chef_Excellence183/28 6:57AM
is the kind of crap they show kids in The UK?NightMareBunny53/28 6:55AM
Hey BTB do you have a cell phone?
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ArctheLad13143/28 6:41AM
This song from Bloodborne is amazing.Xade7633/28 6:33AM
Best version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Poll)
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LanHikari10 (M)193/28 3:43AM
What happened to my advanced options?!Komaiko5463/28 2:59AM
why does it seem like people are way too busy these days?NightMareBunny33/28 2:58AM
Being ugly is a curse in America.
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VagrantAI403/28 2:57AM
Honestly, Savannah Citadel Day Act 2 is worse than Eggmanland.Gamechamp3k13/28 2:49AM
I bought a new amp today!!acesxhigh63/28 1:52AM
Rate the PotDer - Day Fifty-Four - DespondentDeity (Poll)
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SpeeDDemon1343453/28 1:29AM
FYI information Cid from Final Fantasy VIII is actually Robin WilliamsJoanOfArcade93/28 12:54AM
I'm scared, my interview is Wednesday
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AwesomeTurtwig473/28 12:43AM
Finally picked up The Last of Us for my PS3DeltaBladeX43/28 12:39AM
Aight ya'll rate each individual song on your favorite album of all time
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argonautweekynd153/28 12:14AM
Anyone have systems stolen?
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shinomori_kyo203/27 11:50PM
Pro-Gay Dad who yelled at Chick-Fil-A Worker for being Anti-Gay is FIRED!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle343/27 11:47PM
My 2TB external hard drive is Dead.. =( (Poll)
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Full Throttle203/27 11:43PM
People are incredulous when I say I bite my nails.HylianFox13/27 11:31PM