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Favorite "Magic The Gathering" art
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BigOlePappy385/21 2:41PM
My friend is so desperate to get a girlfriend. I feel pretty bad for him.
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ArtistScientist345/21 2:38PM
Socializing when you're low on healthMetro215/21 2:37PM
I don't really like the new game show 500 QuestionsErik_P35/21 2:30PM
Are spoiler tags broken in Beta too or just old GameFAQs?SkynyrdRocker55/21 2:12PM
Has anyone here played shadowmatic?ArtistScientist15/21 1:58PM
Why don't I have the "reveal spoilers" button on the page anymore?BNVshark12325/21 1:51PM
My coworker wants me to call her later and I said I wouldErik_P65/21 1:48PM
ATTN: Deity/Shark mainly. I probably should apologise.
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ScooterHodunk135/21 1:41PM
I don't get why people get so afraid of fake school shooting threats
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Muscles135/21 1:30PM
Scott Steiner really doesn't promo like he used to... must be getting old (Poll)Aaantlion85/21 1:22PM
The Correct Answer to the Poll of the Day is Google or AppleSampsonM45/21 1:21PM
Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY155/21 1:13PM
Men and women of Skyrim! Would you pay a total of $650 for this?
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WastelandCowboy295/21 1:10PM
what the hell is 'pitch perfect 2'?
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ZiggiStardust205/21 12:50PM
It's been a while but post a photo of YOU and I'll judge you.
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IAmNowGone1605/21 12:41PM
This is like the Dragonzball Pee version of Sonic the HedgehogAwesomeTurtwig35/21 12:12PM
LOL Jen.RCtheWSBC95/21 12:11PM
Mega Man fans/Gamers, Are you excited for Mighty No. 9?
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Ferarri619365/21 12:09PM
Raoul Duke is so cool. I love his voice in the film
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Milleyd155/21 12:09PM