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Arrow is actually a pretty good show when you are drunk.
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brisashi112/28 3:25AM
Flower Grandma REFUSES to pay $2000 Fine for not selling to Gay Men!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle4052/28 3:15AM
ITT: Post your battlestation
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Joshs Name282/28 2:20AM
When did The Hulk change from an almost mindless rage monster to a rational guy.DarkKirby250072/28 2:10AM
Opinions on 'how do you Do It?' (Steam)ScooterHodunk82/28 1:05AM
How is a ring that makes you invisible supposed to be powerful?
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EclairReturns182/28 12:00AM
1000lb Woman who falsely confessed to murder loses 800lbs. Look at her now!! (Poll)Full Throttle62/27 11:26PM
How will you remember Spock? RIP Leonard Nimoy. (>*_*)> (Closed)
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Ryan-06152/27 10:40PM
Radio station honored Leonard Nimoy with space themed playlistHelIWithoutSin22/27 10:34PM
My sorta sister in law is about to have her baby, I REALLY hope it's not black
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YOLO_SwagItOut212/27 10:33PM
This is the greatest game ending of All Time.Metro212/27 10:25PM
I don't think I can trust any of you with the left sidehelIy72/27 10:16PM
SEGA to leave consoles and only work on PC/mobile
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r7gerrabbit212/27 10:09PM
Are there any good N3DSXL bundlesAshphantom52/27 9:50PM
Best customizable sandbox super hero game?Melchiah52/27 9:43PM
This is a glorious internet exchange i saw in a youtube comment section.argonautweekynd12/27 9:08PM
C/D Perjury should carry a life sentence. (Poll)Gu3rri11a82/27 8:58PM
When will the term "African-American" die?RebeccDOS82/27 8:58PM
If you actually go to sleep on Friday nights this board might not be for you.Miroku_of_Nite132/27 8:40PM
You know, video game developers should just ask 6 year olds for a plotline
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TheWorstPoster152/27 8:31PM