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What is this topic about?WhatPoll29/16 1:44PM
Do you have dogs
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AmeliaJane16349/16 1:40PM
Waiting for hair to grow is annoying.
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Kanakiri309/16 12:56PM
You find Miyamoto, Kojima, Schafer, Sakaguchi, Bleszinski, in your bathtubMetal_Gear_Link109/16 12:54PM
Why is being told to re-install the most common troubleshooting suggestion?InfestedAdam99/16 12:40PM
I could take a nap right now...
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Kanakiri179/16 12:18PM
It's a day early but... Update on that girl topic!
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Flutershy519/16 12:15PM
naturebox is slow :l
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helIy139/16 11:50AM
Drinking beer doesn't make you cool
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R-A-V459/16 11:50AM
I'm pretty sick right now, anyone have any recommendations for food?shadowsword87109/16 11:48AM
He should have named himself Freddie UranusSt_Kevin49/16 10:42AM
Do you agree with the criticism of the "Vivian James" character.
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VioletZer0329/16 10:20AM
Holy crap I didn't know they were PlayStation 4 gamers in Wyoming.ReggieBush0969/16 10:10AM
Could you deal with the reality of your kid turning out to be an a******?
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VioletZer0259/16 9:53AM
So I got baby chickens last night. They're black. I love them.ZBug_109/16 9:24AM
Pumpkin Pie Pot Tarts are goodArctheLad1359/16 9:07AM
Do you think the skrulls vs kree will ever make it into the MCU films? SPOILERS.
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saspa249/16 9:06AM
Little Mac takes on the Bosses of the 2nd Dark Souls 2 DLC!TacoOfTheOpera29/16 8:56AM
What does PotD thinks of Windows Phones?
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plasma_kirby123129/16 8:48AM
Destiny is the best "mediocre" game everWhatPoll19/16 8:44AM