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Hmmm...does anyone here in PotD remember me?
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SamusGlory265/5 8:24PM
what's the best transformers video game?NightMareBunny25/5 8:11PM
Girlfriend: "Who is the most attractive girl in our school?Philoktetes95/5 8:01PM
ITT, Bad, punctuatuation! in this toopicTheWorstPoster25/5 7:54PM
I've spent $200 on apps since November.ArtistScientist35/5 7:52PM
suicide squad cast assembled in picture
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Zikten265/5 7:47PM
It is NOT called "Call of Duty Advanced Warfare"TheWorstPoster95/5 7:46PM
Websites need to understand that some ppl have spaces or dashes in their nameMetro245/5 7:39PM
I'm replaying Final Fantasy VI: Part 3.. Yes, 3. :P
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Melon_Master3055/5 7:32PM
so that girl ive been hooking up with...DirtBasedSoap35/5 7:24PM
A Dethklok 3-pack came out for Rocksmith today (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32125/5 7:20PM
Why does dvuckbear always post american news mainlyrgonautweekend55/5 7:16PM
White Russian or Black Russian? (Poll)
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RayKnight185/5 7:14PM
20 Students at a Texas High School that doesn't teach SEX-ED have Chlamydia!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle45/5 7:01PM
What if Rare were to announce Banjo 3 at E3?
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raymanfan1215/5 7:01PM
Hey Duckbear, you should apply for a position at Fox News.WastelandCowboy75/5 6:52PM
ear pulling is badass.rgonautweekend15/5 6:48PM
Anybody watching Gotham?
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keyblader1985155/5 6:43PM
ATTN: GermanyLokarin65/5 6:39PM
Holy s*** I am listening to a paper record from the 1950srgonautweekend105/5 6:37PM