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This 27 y/o man stalked his Music Teacher after teaching him the Titanic theme.. (Poll)
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A story my white friend thought was hilarious. asian age phenomena?BushidoEffect388/26 9:23PM
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we need to all get Lethal League, and play.helIy18/26 9:09PM
How do you pronounce "Interesting"? (Poll)
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Scenario: You're supposed to go on a trip with 3 friends and 1 bails last-minute
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I've been saying Sematic Satiation so much to remember it, it's lost all meaningLootman38/26 9:02PM
Best Dethklok song?Chef_Excellence18/26 9:01PM
Game finished. Come up with another 2d game idea for me to make
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I have never spend a cent on Origin, how is my collection?
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PotD Rate a Game - Game 753 - Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3)
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Which Batman villian would suck the most to fight?MrArmageddon858/26 9:00PM
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A 9 y/o Girl shoots an instructor in the head with an Uzi after it went off!!! (Poll)
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Tell me about something you hate.
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You have 6 ferrero rocher chocolates
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When I was a kid I thought shopping sprees meant everything in the store was freZareth68/26 8:37PM