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Beware the alien, the mutant, the heretic
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Have y'all seen the Deadpool test footage?
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Jennifer Lawrence is single now.bluPython108/1 8:34PM
anti-smoking commercials make me want to take up smoking
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Nade Duck128/1 8:31PM
If 4kids edit The Walking Dead and showed it on their channel...Aaron20b108/1 8:31PM
I smell like green apples :3St_Kevin58/1 8:25PM
A Lamb of God 3-pack came out today (Poll)AllstarSniper3288/1 8:16PM
Ok here's the question: Who is your waifu in Adventure Time?
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I was robbed again last Sunday.Dan042918/1 8:07PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 27 Pantera (Poll)
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What has been your hardest gaming binge?
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Hottest cartoon wife? (Poll)
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What your parents never told you about SantaMetro248/1 7:55PM
What's a paladin?
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All I want is a white girl with a sexual appetite and some tig ole
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You think America will get the Ebola Outbreak? (Poll)
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is using women to boost your self esteem bad?ThatBGoesKaboom88/1 7:40PM
I have another non-date this weekend.
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Which TLC do you prefer? (Poll)GanonsSpirit88/1 7:27PM
The ultimate preference (Poll)R-A-V28/1 7:23PM