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Suppose a new console is announcedTheWorstPoster63/3 10:42AM
I don't see any scenario where finite resources doesn't end our civilization
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Chef_Excellence113/3 10:42AM
I want to hear more about the Ratchet and Clank movieWaterImp33/3 10:41AM
C/D "check your privilege" is a very poor sentiment. (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate223/3 10:41AM
How much do you think I'd get for these games.
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Dynalo123/3 10:33AM
so freeza is super saiyan now
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yourDaddie123/3 10:31AM
Anyone else here order the special edition for Final Fantasy Type 0JoanOfArcade13/3 10:29AM
MGS5 has a Sept 1 release date.
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Tarrun223/3 10:25AM
Metacritic Puts Majora's Mask 3D Above Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
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NightMareBunny163/3 10:21AM
I rank your favorite games from best to worst
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Raganork10603/3 10:21AM
You discover a secret door in your basement (Paint Picture Adventure!)
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Mehere753/3 10:18AM
This band had room for either f***s to give or a second drummer. They chose wellWadaTah23/3 10:11AM
Do politicians too often get blamed/credit for actions done before their time?InfestedAdam23/3 10:09AM
This Mother is Disgusted that people called her 2 y/o Daughter a Monster!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle113/3 10:07AM
Carlton from Fresh Prince (Alfonso Ribeiro) now hosts Unwrapped on Food Network. (Poll)DarkKirby250043/3 10:05AM
My Husband is Sulking Because I Didn't Make Pancakes...JediMutant103/3 10:03AM
I like Parasite Eve more than Vagrant Story.Zareth73/3 9:59AM
Hot or not? 03 (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32223/3 9:56AM
weird one of my friends on steam told me he's removing everyone on his listNightMareBunny103/3 9:55AM
White and Gold master race.
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GunslingerGunsl353/3 9:50AM