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Sign up now for Club Trips!!Captain-Trips14/1 5:53PM
You guys, I never really did meet VioletZer0
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JokePoster224/1 5:53PM
I gave Chrono Cross another shot, and I'm actually liking it a lot this timeRaganork1014/1 5:52PM
I wish Nintendo would put Xenoblade Chronicles on VC.GanonsSpirit54/1 5:50PM
When and how did the Souls community get so bad?
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VioletZer0194/1 5:49PM
Video game legends
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jedirood244/1 5:49PM
Why are people so excited for Mewtwo in SSB?GanonsSpirit14/1 5:48PM
I like dicks.Cruddy_horse64/1 5:48PM
I just bought a new bicycle.
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Joshs Name304/1 5:47PM
I've spent the past 7 hours playing musicals in Atlantica in KH2.5Mr_Sockyman64/1 5:47PM
Sony to discontinue the PS VitaTheWorstPoster104/1 5:45PM
If batman doesn't kill, how can he justify eating meat?
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BirdsOfPray454/1 5:45PM
I'm replaying Final Fantasy VI: Part 3.. Yes, 3. :P
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Melon_Master1434/1 5:45PM
queens blade has a nice storySHADOW010644/1 5:29PM
I am someday going to make a fighting gameTheWorstPoster44/1 5:28PM
Gabe Newell is now classified as a planetTheWorstPoster54/1 5:27PM
So yeah, I have Princess Evangile.AllstarSniper32104/1 5:26PM
Bundle with Gabe Newell Simulator, Winning Streak and two copies of Bad RatsDeltaBladeX24/1 5:24PM
holy s***, spotify is on PS4??ZiggiStardust84/1 5:23PM
GameStop has $175 trade-in a PS3 for a PS4 deal. (Poll)
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SunWuKung420514/1 5:22PM