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This Asian Girl is going to prison for 8 years for selling Guns to a Felon.Fair? (Poll)
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My character from Destiny looks like a terrorist.
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This 17 y/o Kid wants his Senior Picture taken with his Cat..Should they do it?? (Poll)
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This 25 y/o Catholic Teacher was fired for beating Gay Couple. Was This Fair?? (Poll)
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I may have accidentally guilt tripped a friend into inviting me to his wedding
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Gay groups are horrified as marriage equality backfires.
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Has there ever been an Asian-american president in fiction?Lwaxana_Troi79/19 9:25AM
Death penalty is not right! Murderers have the right to get away with murder
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Choose your method of death (Poll)
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iPhone 6 dropped by kid after launch
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Why do dumb rednecks say Soccer is a commie game?kratospwnsnoobz29/19 9:19AM
Square-Enix announced new Cloud based gaming service called Shinra Technologies.
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Explain why Naruto is good?
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Why haven't DC exploited Flash and Green lantern more?kratospwnsnoobz19/19 9:12AM
Favorite Fighting games in the last 5 years?
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