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ever bought some snack/food you never ate and eventually had to throw away?NightMareBunny112/18 10:27AM
That "Hatred" game got pulled from Steam by Valve.
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WindMouseHanpan4612/18 10:22AM
Did you enjoy Dead Stinker 3? (Poll)knightoffire55212/18 10:19AM
Rate that TV Show | Day 623 | truTV Presents: World's Dumbest... (Poll)Slayer7861412/18 10:17AM
Damn, I love radiohead.
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green dragon1312/18 10:15AM
how should a man react to a woman having an emotional outburst? (Poll)
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Retroxgamer02112/18 10:08AM
one more episode of colbert report left.
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Nade Duck1712/18 10:04AM
I got a couple of new toys today, ask me anything.SIvIart_USMC812/18 9:50AM
12 days of AVGN reviewsStupid Pirate Guy1012/18 9:45AM
Ahh the perks of being a Japanese fighter developer.BushidoEffect3112/18 9:42AM
The conspiracy behind Santa ClausWhatPoll1012/18 9:27AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 304 Clank (Poll)scubasteve42712/18 9:01AM
Rate this Villain Day 302 Control Freak (Teen Titans) (Poll)scubasteve42812/18 9:01AM
chewy plays Zelda II
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bachewychomp1912/18 8:53AM
which movie will suck more: Fantastic Four(2015)Or Jem And The Holograms? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny3012/18 8:51AM
my cousins seem to think this bartender wants my d
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Muscles_4202512/18 8:42AM
whose the best youtuber off this list? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny2112/18 8:38AM
Oh my I'm against both GamerGate AND SJWs. Please don't downvote meJudgmenl512/18 8:31AM
Poll: Favorite Deli/Sandwich Meat (Poll)
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Silvenar2412/18 8:27AM
Not a big fan of anime but I'm really enjoying Persona Q
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mastermix30001812/18 8:08AM