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Black Sails started it's second season last night.Bugmeat11/25 5:35AM
If you haven't, you should go to a QT and try one of their oven fresh kolachies.brisashi21/25 5:32AM
Which point of view, world view do you have? (pic). Communism isn't that bad...
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Ryan-06181/25 5:22AM
If your pets were bigger than you, do you think they would eat you?brisashi81/25 5:22AM
Holding B and Down
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DeltaBladeX581/25 5:18AM
How does "The Interview" not make North Korea nuke us?
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CNN121/25 5:11AM
ITT I tell you the worst experience of my life
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Post awesome non-soundtrack music that doesn't have lyrics.
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raymanfan1111/25 5:03AM
"Hell yeah who doesn't want to be Johnny Gat?"BroodRyu81/25 5:02AM
Oh, you 'Muricans and your strange language...Arctic_Sunrise51/25 4:57AM
Which do you use when playing video games on your PC? (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32171/25 4:56AM
ME... as a Guardsman from Solitude. (pic) :3
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Arctic_Sunrise291/25 4:56AM
What are you doing tonight?
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Action53231/25 4:53AM
I'm getting tired of feeling misanthropic... Idk what to do anymore.AC_Dragonfire101/25 4:43AM
I just found out a girl I like who works at my school's math centre is engaged.
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EclairReturns141/25 4:31AM
Who wants to play a short game of PotDer Civilization V
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AwesomeTurtwig391/25 4:22AM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Round 1: Match 25: James Bond vs. Resident Evil (Poll)
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quigonzel131/25 4:20AM
This 29 y/o Short, Size 22 Girl was told she was too Fat to Model..Is she Hot?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle271/25 4:11AM
How long until time is metricized?
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WhatPoll111/25 4:08AM
What happened to SF cross Tekken? is it any good? never played itRyan-0671/25 4:04AM