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Just finished watching Attack on Titan... I don't see what the fuss is about.
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Dynalo1711/23 6:05PM
I wish I could write like this creepypastw authorZikten311/23 6:00PM
ITT: Based on our usernames, we assume why others will go to jail someday...
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SrRd_RacinG1511/23 5:58PM
This video made me cry with laughter. What about you?SunWuKung420311/23 5:52PM
Do you believe in SPACE ALIENS? y/n (Poll)
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ArctheLad133111/23 5:45PM
Streaming Painkiller 2!Gamechamp3k111/23 5:42PM
Omg wet ones >>>> toilet paperDirtBasedSoap411/23 5:38PM
At the end of Halo 5WhatPoll211/23 5:36PM
"Misusing" literally is okay, but there's no excuse for
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Vicaris2211/23 5:35PM
Sorry, I'm really drunk (Poll)knightoffire55311/23 5:33PM
Why is it that I can easily hit the 5 - 10, and managed to get the 2 - 10, butWhatPoll611/23 5:33PM
What if Zelda was a girl?
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Ogurisama1811/23 5:30PM
Is it a good idea to microwave a pack of batteries?HenryKissiger911/23 5:28PM
Ned Bigby topic.argonautweekynd111/23 5:15PM
ITT: I am giving away 3 copies of Insurgency.GanonsSpirit411/23 5:13PM
Best Wii U controller?
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Sahuagin1111/23 5:12PM
Not using my Steam account anymore because I hate my Steam usernamecdark811/23 5:10PM
Did something happen on PotD last night?Kanakiri811/23 5:08PM
how many games are you playing right now! (Poll)
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progamer22902211/23 5:02PM
What if all aliens are just future humans?Muscles_420411/23 4:56PM