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Do you think you could beat up a theoretical blue belt in BJJ (Poll)
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ASlaveObeys135/1 5:16PM
Jontron has Returned!
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NightMareBunny285/1 5:16PM
Why was Shadow Link in the Water Temple?MechaKirby75/1 5:10PM
no car, gonna order pizza mmmmSpeeDLeemon35/1 5:08PM
You become a household name, but only for your small intestineTheWorstPoster35/1 4:59PM
I'm drunk and I want to do a poll. (Poll)knightoffire5525/1 4:57PM
I'm not sure if I'm excited about the Attack on Titan movie.GanonsSpirit35/1 4:55PM
Why ?TheWorstPoster25/1 4:48PM
I heard this girl call this guy "base" as a derogatory term yesterday.
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You only need one kidney to live...Kanakiri45/1 4:27PM
Cat / Chat 3: It's almost kitten season! Cat discussion and appreciation topic
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Doctor Foxx705/1 4:21PM
I don't really care for Voyager as a whole, but it has many of my fav episodesLokarin65/1 4:17PM
That ghost itch on your body, where you don't know where to scratchsaspa15/1 4:04PM
So, what, are we not allowed to have sexy characters ever again?
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VioletZer0115/1 3:43PM
What's the silliest moderation you've ever gotten?
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CarefreeDude425/1 3:43PM
That Spirit Science group thing on Facebook is f***in lameFurioTigre55/1 3:18PM
Inappropriate behavior for a Mod.Zareth75/1 3:13PM
Greatest Cartoon of all time? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny435/1 3:02PM
I use at least 100 paper plates a week
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I_hate_bacon425/1 2:56PM
Everybody has Morrissey hairStripedTiger75/1 2:47PM