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Does the average redditor have godawful opinions on everything?
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Sardanapallus139/27 9:37PM
High-way-to-the-dane-gerr-zone.ScooterHodunk29/27 9:28PM
I ran an Eclipse Phase game today :D
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shadowsword87129/27 9:23PM
I saw the book of mormon the play today, and it was good, butargonautweekynd29/27 9:10PM
Ugh, I did something really stupid just now
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Erik_P159/27 9:02PM
I always wondered if FF's prologue theme was the same as ALttP's ending music.
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Lazy_Haar119/27 8:54PM
A 22 y/o Man falls into a White Tiger's Pit and Kills him..Look at the Pictures (Poll)
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Full Throttle419/27 8:37PM
Why does Sony think people would pay that much for digital games?
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Nichtcrawler X169/27 8:15PM
Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol 30 Blazing Dragons (Sat) (Poll)Blaqthourne79/27 8:09PM
I teleported bread.LanHikari10 (M)29/27 7:59PM
I'm looking forward to Sunset Overdrive for a completely different reason.raymanfan119/27 7:59PM
I never realized I had to befriend my professors to do well in life :(
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davf135129/27 7:54PM
Man, the costumes in DOA 5 are terrible...Captain-Trips89/27 7:38PM
Nostalgia plays a lot in playing video games.
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Judgmenl129/27 7:35PM
Katy Perry or Lily Allen?
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Yuffie360159/27 7:15PM
i wondered where the hell my cat was
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helIy219/27 6:46PM
Lets get reminded of Adam Sessler's comments on God of War: Ascension!raymanfan159/27 6:19PM
Streaming some Destiny Crucible if anyone wants to see.Pachuloz19/27 6:18PM
Last time you got drunk?
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tiago92159/27 6:18PM
Happiness is a warm blanket :)St_Kevin69/27 6:17PM