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Become a gamefaqs mod, or get an attractive girlfriend?
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Johnny_Girlziel231/25 12:00PM
Oh, you 'Muricans and your strange language...
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Arctic_Sunrise111/25 11:59AM
Starting Birth By Sleep Final Mixchaosbowser11/25 11:54AM
Japanese adult toy sites have the best Engrish ever.
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DespondentDeity211/25 11:42AM
Dear China...Gunsandredroses31/25 11:24AM
Dear France...Gunsandredroses11/25 11:23AM
"Hell yeah who doesn't want to be Johnny Gat?"BroodRyu91/25 11:23AM
Holding B and Down
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DeltaBladeX631/25 11:16AM
I started watching the anime "The Devil is a Part Timer".SunWuKung42061/25 11:15AM
Dear Japan...Gunsandredroses51/25 11:15AM
I bought a new swimsuit today.
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lorekai801/25 11:03AM
If your pets were bigger than you, do you think they would eat you?
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brisashi141/25 11:01AM
Rate that TV Show | Day 650 | The Benny Hill Show (Poll)Slayer786141/25 11:01AM
Cat Goes Fishing is GOTY 2015frybrain009431/25 10:55AM
Do your tablets/smartphones interfere with paying attention to tv & films? (Poll)
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brisashi141/25 10:49AM
How often do you take a bath? (Poll)
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MuZemike211/25 10:44AM
Modded the Card Reader from my old PC to work in my new one.Judgmenl11/25 10:38AM
how much can a big crash, as in a 140 5'10 person falling cause damage wise...RJP_X31/25 10:36AM
i feel dead todayOgurisama11/25 10:35AM
Have you ever thought irl that something would make a good topic?AwesomeTurtwig41/25 10:33AM