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I wish there was an option on Facebook to filter out the religious crap
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faramir77217/23 1:28AM
The Unofficial Beaten Games of 2014 Thread
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Gamechamp3k2557/23 1:28AM
Girls with tattoos and piercings (Poll)mayu78097/23 1:23AM
How well do you think ICO has aged?raymanfan177/23 1:18AM
Ever had a teacher/prof who never gave A's? (Poll)
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raymanfan1137/23 1:17AM
Public Anger in Florida! Fitness Trainer and Waitress have Sex at the Beach!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle267/23 1:15AM
the reddit layout is terrible
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Nade Duck117/23 1:14AM
HAHAHA Schmen got suspended?
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bachewychomp197/23 1:14AM
Alabama Teen is attacked over this Selfie she took in Germany!! Is it Offensive? (Poll)
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Full Throttle367/23 1:02AM
Bands that you think get unfair hate?
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Storrac387/23 1:01AM
Teen Girl is Furious someone made a Facebook Group of 530 Fatties In California!
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Full Throttle147/23 1:01AM
Lol Last of Us ai pathfinding.WastelandCowboy77/23 12:58AM
Just bought some St. John's Wort....Kr0w1Nc4rNa7337/23 12:58AM
When does the Suspension moderation get removed from your moderation history?Full Throttle27/23 12:57AM
I want to try playing Hey You Pikachu while inebriatedfaramir7717/23 12:53AM
I had this really weird dream I slept with a co-workerBBalla1047/23 12:48AM
It's nice to see that people aren't being incredibly one sided on the PoTDSherm12847/23 12:45AM
I haven't accomplished anything in my life. I'm such a loser...LeetCheet47/23 12:40AM
Woohoo, the Destiny XBox One Beta starts today!
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Melon_Master327/23 12:38AM
For months, I've had doubts about Destiny... and now that I've played the beta..quigonzel17/23 12:37AM