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So apparently some people enjoyed Dead Space 3.
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knightoffire55187/25 8:14PM
Dare I say MGS4 the worst in the series?.... (Poll)Captain-Trips47/25 8:14PM
Anita SarkeesianChef_Excellence47/25 8:12PM
I never really understood why superheroes didn't kill more baddies...Arctic_Sunrise37/25 8:12PM
Luke from Modern Family has an IQ of 150
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FatalAccident387/25 8:12PM
So, I need some help on how to use Google. Two Questions.bluPython67/25 8:12PM
Have you ever ran a red light before? (Poll)Full Throttle17/25 8:11PM
Russia loses control of experimental satellite full of geckos having sexGanonsSpirit57/25 8:10PM
I want a Hyperion Corporation shirt, but there are none that are reasonable...AwesomeTurtwig27/25 8:10PM
I. F******. HATE. My parents. I don't want to live with them anymore.
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LeetCheet1347/25 8:10PM
Have you ever wondered if your money has been in a strippers crack?
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Boogieonover127/25 8:07PM
The real reason why spongebob is replacing korraeating4fun27/25 8:04PM
What's the BEST best game ever? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei577/25 8:04PM
What game sequels out there were in TOTALLY DIFFERENT GENRES from the originals?
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shipwreckers457/25 8:02PM
So did Anita Sarkeesian ever explain why she needed $6,000 to make a video?
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Zareth147/25 8:02PM
Is girl meets world getting better? (Poll)Judgmenl87/25 7:57PM
What's the difference between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited
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Boogieonover137/25 7:56PM
Apparently Letting People Know What Is Modable Is ModableaDirtyShisno47/25 7:56PM
The Halo 2 remastered cut scenes are f****** amazing.MechaKirby87/25 7:54PM
you know why your eyes are brown?
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Red Haze297/25 7:53PM