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what as a anime is this from
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SHADOW01061312/20 4:18PM
So, I found a guy who was AFK and hding in a few bushes north of LA in The CrewWhatPoll1012/20 4:15PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 307 Miles "Tails" Prower (Poll)scubasteve42212/20 4:13PM
Rate this Villain Day 305 Shadow the Hedgehog (Poll)scubasteve42212/20 4:13PM
So American Horror Story is only good on odd seasons?
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davf1351612/20 4:04PM
Do feminists complain that "Baby It's Cold Outside" is about date rapeZareth412/20 4:03PM
So anyone hear listen to the Serial podcast?Super_Thug44312/20 4:01PM
I'm giving my nephews from hell some children sized skateboards for ChristmasDeltaBladeX112/20 3:57PM
Will you circumcise your child or no?
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elg3cko7712/20 3:53PM
Hey can one of you LP this game and put it on YouTube or the internet/whatever?
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Milleyd11412/20 3:51PM
which would you rather fight? (Poll)NightMareBunny212/20 3:51PM
Ugh potd I just built like the sexiest computer ever but I cant boot it up
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TwyliteSprinkle4112/20 3:45PM
I Had a Highly Depressing Interaction With my Siblings...
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JediMutant1612/20 3:45PM
I want to play kotor again but I don't want to be bored
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Action531512/20 3:43PM
Awww dude four strength four stam leather beltChef_Excellence112/20 3:40PM
Poll: Favorite Deli/Sandwich Meat (Poll)
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Silvenar2712/20 3:35PM
Welp, Craig Ferguson is no longer the host of The Late Late Show.
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GanonsSpirit1312/20 3:35PM
I'm 28 years old and still feel weird being called a man.Chef_Excellence912/20 3:31PM
A Jimi Hendrix 12-pack came out on Rocksmith! (2 six song polls) (Poll)AllstarSniper32812/20 3:28PM
Older women you would want to have a run at.
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darcandkharg312812/20 3:22PM