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Suggest Some Monk Builds for Diablo III: Reaper of Soulsgguirao112/21 10:47AM
Today is my 26th birthday.
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SIvIart_USMC1212/21 10:43AM
Okay Xbone people post yer gamertags here
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JoanOfArcade1512/21 10:34AM
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What is your first language? (Poll)Ogurisama712/21 10:30AM
Sign here if you do not have a Facebook account.EclairReturns1012/21 10:29AM
lol look at this crapNightMareBunny412/21 10:27AM
It's the Christmas season so you know what that meansErik_P412/21 10:18AM
So why do people prefer Capitalism over Socialism?
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tissue_paper1712/21 10:17AM
Hitting myself makes the acid reflux go awayLokarin212/21 10:10AM
Almost just died.
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w00t_D1112/21 9:45AM
Is volunteering at a place a good path to getting a job there down the road?DelectableTears312/21 9:44AM
GameTok with Lok: Best bosses in platformersLokarin512/21 9:39AM
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what's a better game series Harvest moon or rune factory. (Poll)BlazeAndBlade212/21 9:22AM
I say 50 macaws todayyourDaddie112/21 9:15AM
I'mma keep real with you guys.
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SkaFrost891112/21 9:12AM
XBOX One has Sold 41,500 Units in Japan since September 2014.... (Poll)Full Throttle512/21 9:11AM
Majority of girl gamers I know/ have met in life are attractive. At least 7/10ESMWjot812/21 9:07AM
Someone made a chrome extension to hide the fedora trolls on youtubeEggsBenedikt112/21 9:05AM