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Remember Kain Highwind and his missing-limb fetish?Captain-Trips45/23 4:26PM
Playing some Final Fantasy VII.
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Judgmenl125/23 4:22PM
I have 20~ hours to leave my apartment.
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MrMelodramatic145/23 4:20PM
What are those big inflated exercise balls for?
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Lokarin185/23 4:20PM
Why is it generally not acceptable to say that white women are beautiful?
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KainReaver109185/23 4:18PM
Why does mario keep inviting Bowser to his parties and sporting events?
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Zikten175/23 4:16PM
PSA: Splatoon testfire starts in a few minutes-KomaikoM54-75/23 4:15PM
Reminder: Tomorrow is the final splatoon testfire
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NightMareBunny125/23 4:14PM
New video by my favorite nintendo-basherJudgmenl75/23 4:10PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 59 Weezer (Poll)AllstarSniper3235/23 4:04PM
do you guys feel bad for people who stays at home on a friday night?
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lolamericans445/23 3:54PM
A Slayer 5-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)AllstarSniper3295/23 3:54PM
It's weird how appealing a female can be until you...
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GrimCyclone185/23 3:49PM
Successful Treatment Found for White Nose Syndrome!
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JediMutant185/23 3:30PM
Just ran into two of my old coworkers.keyblader198515/23 3:29PM
Where you live, can you see mountains on the horizon?
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VioletZer0525/23 3:24PM
All rain is now urineTheWorstPoster65/23 3:22PM
My friend asked me to help her with moving; I said yesErik_P95/23 3:05PM
Are you on twitter?
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Lobomoon155/23 2:55PM
This Michigan Pastor says Gays are Pedos...Now his GAY GRINDR profile is out!! (Poll)Full Throttle95/23 2:44PM