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Scenario: you commit a crime and must choose between life in prison or death (Poll)
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Raganork102110/29 9:58PM
I wish MY cats called me
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BNVshark1231110/29 9:46PM
This 20 y/o Fat Kid is defeated as he gives up eating 10,000+ calorie lunch... (Poll)
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Full Throttle1810/29 9:38PM
C/D Minimum wage should cover the cost of living at 40 hours a week.
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VioletZer012710/29 9:28PM
bah nintendo just put up some Smash posters on Club NintendoJoanOfArcade110/29 9:24PM
Colbert had Anita Sarkeesian (sp?) on tonightLemonDestroyer510/29 9:18PM
Nice, $20 an hour for working at the U.S. postal service
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Erik_P1410/29 9:16PM
I just bought Blizzard virtual ticket!Lobomoon310/29 9:16PM
Sports Discussion Topic #104: Honey, I Dinked and Dunked the Kids
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Ultima_Dragoon32910/29 9:13PM
thinking about quitting smoking.RJP_X910/29 9:10PM
can you call an airline to see if someone boarded a flight or not?davf135610/29 9:07PM
Rate the INTRO Vol 60 Record of Lodoss War (DC) -- w/ video (as always) (Poll)Blaqthourne910/29 9:06PM
god, i hate the giantsDirtBasedSoap1010/29 9:05PM
Here's a wacky Five Nights at Freddy's 2 theory...
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VioletZer01510/29 9:01PM
How's Saints Row 4's framerate on PS3?raymanfan1410/29 8:56PM
Look at them sweater puppies.keyblader1985610/29 8:52PM
I Just Enrolled in my Final Undergraduate Semester!JediMutant610/29 8:44PM
tinychatAmeliaJane16110/29 8:28PM
This is the longest my hair's been in a whileBNVshark1231010/29 8:22PM
I could get Lords of the Fallen...Lokarin410/29 8:09PM