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Who ever gets post 478 gets Witcher 3: Wild Hunt code (GoG, not steam)
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Ogurisama124/27 10:08AM
I'm nearing the end of Bloodborne on NG+.Dynalo24/27 10:08AM
Kingdom Hearts 3 release date confirmed
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HenryKissiger144/27 10:08AM
The back of my head is remembering some weird art style...Lokarin14/27 10:08AM
America sucks, to be perfectly honestjedirood54/27 10:04AM
I havent completed a single Final fantasy game but I brought FF9 reccently (Poll)RFC2234/27 9:58AM
So, I accidentally scored the PSN ID of the prettiest girl in my C# class
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TheWorstPoster134/27 9:58AM
Thanks Violet. I'm never going to post in one of your troll bait threads again.
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Judgmenl254/27 9:56AM
Shave your face with some mace in the darkDirtBasedSoap44/27 9:54AM
C/D Shao Kahn is one of the best fighting game bossesKrow_Incarnate34/27 9:54AM
Oh man, that fight last night was so incredibly satisfying. Henderson vs. ThatchTroll_Police_64/27 9:51AM
I bought this game on the playstation store called "herione dream"ssj4supervegeta74/27 9:50AM
Last time, on Dragon Ball Z... (Three word story)
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BlazeAndBlade1934/27 9:49AM
Something I don't understand about Super Saiyan 4 Dragon Ball Z and GT Spoilers
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MonsterZed184/27 9:46AM
Have you ever successfully overturned a moderation? (Poll)
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SkynyrdRocker554/27 9:41AM
I've been talking to my ex on the phone for an hourBNVshark12384/27 9:40AM
Is eating 8 eggs in 1 meal bad?
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r7gerrabbit264/27 9:40AM
Spirit Tracks v Phantom Hourglass (Poll)ObligatoryFate94/27 9:39AM
omg! naoto has boobs!ZiggiStardust34/27 9:38AM
i ate too much junk food last night.......NightMareBunny24/27 9:33AM