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What's your take on the Mayweather/Pacuiao fight?
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AllstarSniper32815/5 7:12AM
Saw Age of Ultron, Have a Single Complaint *SPOILERS*J_aaron35/5 7:09AM
i swear. The WiFi adapters in the iPads are awful.SunWuKung420105/5 6:36AM
Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans]WastelandCowboy15/5 6:34AM
What gender do you identify as? (Poll)
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HenryKissiger515/5 6:33AM
Smack that, all on the foor. Smack that, give me some floor.AloneWeStand45/5 6:31AM
I have a 100 dollar gift card to best buychaosbowser65/5 6:24AM
help me make a video game PotD
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-Komaiko54M365/5 5:51AM
I feel that I have been late to the party on my ps3 who now has internet
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RFC22115/5 4:37AM
That microsoft thing things I am 64 years old.rgonautweekend95/5 4:32AM
Between these two, which was more annoying? (Poll)AllstarSniper3295/5 3:38AM
PotD Amiibo Tracking topic - Wheres my Gold Mario?? >_<
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Melon_Master4095/5 3:34AM
how the hell have the pebbles cereals lasted this long?
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NightMareBunny155/5 3:33AM
Just got gifted Mount Your FriendsDeltaBladeX65/5 3:26AM
Hour 3 at the Library: Fewer signs of fellow life forms around...BNVshark12335/5 3:22AM
have you ever kissed your sibling(s) on the mouth? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust185/5 1:40AM
Went to a friends house for the first time in over a decadeArmor King 10835/5 1:01AM
If I could go back in time, I would upgrade my pledge for this KickstarterAwesomeTurtwig15/5 12:36AM
On PotD there is a greater intimacy between users, but reddit is otherwise so...
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ArtistScientist145/5 12:27AM
one more episode couldn't hurtOgurisama25/4 11:46PM