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Balance in non-competitive games is overrated.
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VioletZer01310/1 5:52PM
What does PotD think of 12 inch tablets?plasma_kirby123210/1 5:44PM
I need to hire a suit for a wedding on Saturday... what colour?
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Arctic_Sunrise1810/1 5:42PM
Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor (Poll)DirtBasedSoap210/1 5:41PM
Steven Universe is becoming the best show on CN
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EvilMegas2110/1 5:36PM
Who do you want to win the World Series this year?Storrac410/1 5:34PM
Broadcasting some Minecraft. Haven't played in a long while.daftalive08210/1 5:34PM
Here's a pic of my Skyrim alchemy pounder.. what should I make first? ^___^Ryan-06310/1 5:33PM
So I just got a Playstation 5WhatPoll710/1 5:31PM
GameTok with Lok: Talk amongst yourselves while I stare at my backlog
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Lokarin28610/1 5:20PM
Regarding that new show on Fox; Mulaney..Melon_Master710/1 5:13PM
ATTN: the potders that i likeDirtBasedSoap110/1 5:13PM
As a dub fan, Inuyasha has the worst english dub of any shonen I've ever seen.
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Ferarri6191110/1 5:11PM
Two cents on the age of consent discussion.
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Bludgeonishness1410/1 5:10PM
POTD, I'd like you to meet English.Rasputin77610/1 5:03PM
KFC vs Popeyes (Poll)
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BigOlePappy6010/1 4:56PM
I asked GameStop if they had Zoop.knightoffire55410/1 4:56PM
At first I didn't care about Destiny.....S_Fox710/1 4:56PM
what are the longest games (not counting sidequests)humptyrump610/1 4:47PM
Smash tier list is out
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Raganork105510/1 4:47PM