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Shout out to all the pearESMWjot110/25 6:52AM
Is anti disestablishmentarianism a religion? (Poll)darthcid210/25 6:24AM
The poll left out one very important daterexcrk210/25 5:51AM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2, Episode 1. All that Remains.
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Is ICO still worth playing today?raymanfan1710/25 5:14AM
I miss the old Wiz :(ESMWjot310/25 5:09AM
Correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't "koopa" onomatopoeia?Lokarin510/25 4:59AM
The lady or the tiger? (TL;DR prone) (Poll)
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You ever wonder why we're here?Metro21010/25 4:28AM
Bought heavy rain with my ps3 what should i know before I play
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SILENTGHOSTS962310/25 4:28AM
Don't retire at the age of 62. Here's why.
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I see Bioware still has a for romantic dialogue....
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How often do you order pizza?
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Metro22810/25 4:00AM
Boy am I embarrased.GanonsSpirit310/25 3:04AM
Spyro 1 put me off playing Spyro 2 and 3 just recently
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raymanfan11610/25 2:24AM
Steam Train(Gamegrumps)Play Duck Dynasty The Game
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NightMareBunny1310/25 1:55AM
This is the 15 y/o Homecoming Prince who went on a shooting rampage!!! (Poll)Full Throttle910/25 1:38AM
which of weird al's polkas so you think has the most good songs in it?LemonDestroyer110/25 1:31AM
I wonder who has the user name McLovin.knightoffire55810/25 12:58AM