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Consoles are at the top of the PotD because they're better than PCs.
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wightSea187/23 4:49PM
From now on, I'm going to treat PotD as a romantic visual novel RomcomBNVshark12397/23 4:44PM
i wish i wasn't white and maleNade Duck67/23 4:41PM
I am getting drunk as f*** tonight, boys.z766787/23 4:36PM
Oh yeah oven just beeped.Zareth17/23 4:36PM
Pokemon X or Skyrim?LemonDestroyer47/23 4:35PM
Slinja plays Megaman X2 (Please help me)
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TheSlinja187/23 4:34PM
Where is a good place to meet girls? IRLiliveforlife97/23 4:34PM
When a friend says "never mind" after trying to explain a jokeMetro247/23 4:26PM
My Bluetooth headphones ran out of batteries and I have no charger
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Doctor Foxx117/23 4:19PM
destiny sucks.
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helIy137/23 4:11PM
The chick at walmart forgot to take the plastic off before slicing my pepperoni.bluPython27/23 4:06PM
Who shot down Malaysian Airlines MH17? (Poll)
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Lobomoon397/23 4:02PM
Gone for the next few weeksWhatPoll77/23 4:02PM
About to play Dungeon Defenders Eternity (Poll)Kr0w1Nc4rNa7317/23 3:58PM
Finding new cool nerd friends is the best thing ever.ESMWjot87/23 3:52PM
lol marking posts
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ZiggiStardust237/23 3:51PM
Knights of the Geek Republic (Closed)
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ParanoidObsessive5007/23 3:50PM
Rate this Cartoon /10 - Day 492 - Hey Arnold! (Poll)Slayer7861107/23 3:45PM
What if they combined Elder Scrolls RPG and open world gameplay with DS combat?Super_Thug44107/23 3:42PM