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Hey everyone, I just wanted to say I will be starting a stream as well!shadowsword8737/24 10:14PM
Hang out, Boredom Topic: Episode VII
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Slayer78613577/24 10:14PM
Stop what you're doing and go watch Snowpiercerpapercup77/24 10:14PM
What's the worst thing ever? (Poll)Q_Sensei67/24 10:14PM
What does it mean for a character to be a Mary Sue, tv tropes seems to be iffyDrPrimemaster107/24 10:13PM
Is there a term for failures that turn out to be good?
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Lokarin137/24 10:13PM
This 18 y/o Kid joked about the MH17 victims..Now he could go to Prison!! Fair? (Poll)
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Full Throttle177/24 10:13PM
if you got the option to rename Earth
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BlazeAndBlade297/24 10:12PM
Got Red Eyes?Insomnia27/24 10:12PM
Rate this Villain Day 169 Vaas Montenegro (Poll)scubasteve42107/24 10:11PM
How do you pronounce "Mobile"? (Poll)Full Throttle77/24 10:09PM
Have you hypnoxed wih a pet in the room? (Poll)DeltaBladeX97/24 10:08PM
I have officially decided: My life goal is to be a virgin my whole life.
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anon_9567/24 10:06PM
this stupid liquor store near my house is charging 10 cents for a bag nowlolamericans67/24 10:05PM
"People in Africa have it worse" (Poll)
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Gimpt3277/24 10:04PM
Green Eyes, UNITE!Rasputin7757/24 10:03PM
People are calling this memorial for a little girl Creepy!!...Do you?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle117/24 10:02PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 171 Star-Lord (Poll)scubasteve4257/24 10:00PM
Recently got all the Genesis sonics, really not enjoying them
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Luigi is the best257/24 9:56PM
Joe biden is funny! anyone wish he was president instead of obama?BushidoEffect357/24 9:55PM