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Weed topicA_Sorrowful_Man53/28 5:05PM
its nice that the anti America topic was deleted, but really it was unnecessary.
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EonsHavePassed423/28 4:36PM
Why do fat people hang out with fat people?
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Jvaas353/28 4:19PM
Was the last game you've played older than the above poster's game?
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EclairReturns333/28 4:15PM
Oh hnng Summer Glau is in Arrow? I think I might actually watch that show now.
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AIundra133/28 4:13PM
So, today is blackout dayTheWorstPoster13/28 4:09PM
What's a fun game to use cheets on?Dmess8543/28 4:02PM
I was just looking at a POV characters list for A Fest for Crows...
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raymanfan1253/28 4:01PM
Low 40s, low humidity, clear skies, moderate wind = best possible weather.DelectableTears103/28 3:56PM
The Steven Universe theme song reminds me of Space Odditity for some reasonJoanOfArcade13/28 3:55PM
If you didn't already think that Tom Hanks is the greatest guy on earth:raymanfan163/28 3:45PM
Remember when pretty much every link on the internet was blue and underlined?JokePoster83/28 3:43PM
God damn, Joss Whedon wearing a...Fedora... >_>
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Captain-Trips133/28 3:30PM
That feeling when you bite into something soft and crack your teeth on somethingChef_Excellence53/28 3:24PM
Louisiana Man shown Beheading a Goat with a Sword in a Disgusting New Video!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle43/28 3:21PM
Attn: Ganon (also GameDev peoples)
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Lokarin203/28 3:18PM
I'm sorry but McDonald's workers don't deserve $15 an hour
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Natemac11031833/28 3:07PM
This 7 y/o Girl was told she was FAT!! Is she? (Poll)
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Full Throttle123/28 2:53PM
If you give a game an 11/10 rating of course I'm gunna say it's overratedLokarin33/28 2:48PM
How much is your monthly living expenses?
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JoanOfArcade123/28 2:43PM