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SunWuKong has never been in a fight.RPGMaster Right Here13/4 12:25PM
Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer #3.Storrac103/4 12:24PM
Any folks here uses a standing desk either at work or home?InfestedAdam73/4 12:24PM
I wish I could play the new DBZ game. Maybe I'll go rent it at Blockbuster..MICHALECOLE53/4 12:24PM
Why do fat women want to force people to consider them attractive?
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yourDaddie693/4 12:23PM
This is the wierdest gif you'll ever see
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I just got back from Africa. Ask me anything.
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Which is the first Pokemon? (Poll)MordantHubris33/4 12:16PM
What are some good RPGs on Steam?SIvIart_USMC33/4 12:15PM
i literally spit on my friend's original launch 3DSZiggiStardust103/4 12:14PM
I have questions for all of you.
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WadaTah223/4 12:12PM
I took that girl out bowling. Hahaha I f***ing kicked her ass
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this has gotta be satireargonautweekynd63/4 12:08PM
I got another raise at work.
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What would be a beneficial major to get my Masters in?Stupid Pirate Guy83/4 12:07PM
Are you going to see Chappie ? (Poll)yourDaddie33/4 12:07PM
Christiians: 1. Atheists: 0
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Excessive Ponies Topic XXVIII Excessive Purges Edition (Poll)
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I have my first big boy interview this Thursday
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Which song is better? (Poll)scubasteve4283/4 12:01PM