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This weekend sucked, like all the rest. Ask me anything or don't.
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EclairReturns1311/28 7:19PM
People complaining about a lightsaber when there's a FUDGESICLE SPEEDERN805211/28 7:16PM
why exactly did the government get rid of smoking in buildings?
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Muscles_4204111/28 7:14PM
Get this topic to 500 and I'll gift a game on Steam to the last poster. (Poll)
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WastelandCowboy3511/28 7:11PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 603 | The X-Files (Poll)Slayer7861711/28 7:04PM
And I remember why I hate winterOgurisama111/28 7:03PM
are you more excited for JP4 or SW7? (Poll)Nade Duck811/28 6:59PM
Just saw the new Hunger Games movieBNVshark123411/28 6:58PM
when would you say Capcom screwed up?
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Botnus9125311/28 6:58PM
Do you like in-game difficulty change options? (Poll)
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darcandkharg312411/28 6:57PM
Tonight, we review an aging Charles Bronson in Death Wish 9bachewychomp111/28 6:56PM
How's Layton and the Miracle Mask?raymanfan1211/28 6:53PM
AMAZING BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! Are you buying anything? (Poll)
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Junpeiclover4211/28 6:53PM
Star Wars doesn't really need a new movie.
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Metro21211/28 6:52PM
How do you work when there's nothing at stake?Lokarin211/28 6:51PM
I'm a selfish guyErik_P211/28 6:50PM
While we're here - anyone wanna help with OpenGL Shader Language?
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Lokarin1611/28 6:43PM
so this is fake, right?ZiggiStardust811/28 6:29PM
Streaming Painkiller Overdose!Gamechamp3k211/28 6:28PM
Power Rangers Dino Charge: Finally a new theme song after the past few seasons?!Milleyd811/28 6:23PM