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Why does the US have so many school shootings?
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Metro23411/20 4:11PM
Dragon Age Inq removed from India, due to obscenity laws, and homosexuality :oRyan-06511/20 4:11PM
raptr, whatever it is, made a website that's like youtube, but forhelIy411/20 4:10PM
I want an anime to watch like Steel Angel Kurumi, any suggestions?DeltaBladeX511/20 4:10PM
I've been married for nearly two years now
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Blighboy1111/20 4:08PM
Do house shoes make anyone else's feet sweat a lot?BigOlePappy711/20 4:05PM
I have this red spot in my eye...Captain-Trips511/20 4:05PM
Women in Indonesia required to take virginity test to become copsErik_P611/20 4:04PM
Any Zelda experts on PotD?
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grape_purple1311/20 4:04PM
Joshsname sightingJoanOfArcade311/20 4:03PM
I'm about to see my ex-best friend for the first time in a year...ekenned3211/20 4:03PM
Which is a greater tragedy? (Poll)
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CiIantro3211/20 4:01PM
Someone put wall breakers in my clan castle for warAction53311/20 4:01PM
I hate how I can never get the smell of sweat out of my hands after...
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BNVshark1232911/20 3:59PM
Official Fruit Tier List
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TwilitLeviathan2811/20 3:56PM
Do you think Violent and Sexually Explicit video games reflect on you? (Poll)Q_Sensei611/20 3:54PM
Day 277 Villain Mash Up (Poll)scubasteve42411/20 3:48PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 279 Jack Atlas (Poll)scubasteve42311/20 3:47PM
Metro 2033 for anybody who didn't get it free.Gamechamp3k311/20 3:47PM
Any good video game trade in sites?SILENTGHOSTS96111/20 3:45PM